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Tausi Palace Hotel is a really attractive hotel located in the heart of stone town area.The Hotel has more than 40 rooms all furnished with exquisite zanzibar style furniture. With all the amenities and luxury at an affordable cost. The Hotel has a reputation for its staff and services to customers worldwide visiting zanzibar. The unique location gives you a head start while touring the rest of the isles. The Hotel has a unique roof-top restaurant which gives you an exotic view of Stone Town and a Sea view while enjoying any of our delicacies available at the restaurant.The Hotel is 5 Minutes Drive from the Seaport and 15 Minutes Drive from the airport.

Here is where you can have a true feel of the life style of the local zanzibaris.If you take a stroll through the market you will encounter very friendly and warm welcoming local communities. The market selling a variety of spices, fruits which are unique to Zanzibar.Just outside the Hotel, called the Shangani Street, here you will find a wide collection arti-crafts which are specially developed by the local community.

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